Dongara-Port Denison


Dongara – Port Denison is a perfect place to be based while touring the Midwest Region in search of Wildflowers. Western Australia is home to 12,000 incredible species of wildflowers, many of which are unique to the State. The huge range, including the popular fields of everlastings can be found within an hour’s drive.

The wildflower season is one of Western Australia’s natural treasures. For several months of each year wildflower blooms become prolific, carpeting two and a half million square kilometres of terrain across the State.

The season is influenced by rain and sunlight; the size and varying climate of Western Australia ensures that the wildflower season spans several months and regions. The season begins in the north in July and concludes in the southern regions of the State in November.

Take guided Wildflower walks at the Western Flora Caravan Park daily at 4.30pm during the season.The Wildflowers are only part of a great experience that will be enjoyed when leave the hustle & bustle of City’s & Towns. Travelling around the wonderful natural landscapes of W.A. gives the chance of seeing Birds, Animals & Insects that are very unique to each & every region.

Head on over to wildflowerwatch for all the latest information on Western Australia’s wildflowers.

Driving tours in the Midwest are available from Beach, Sand & Land Tours options include;

Coalseam Conservation Park 5 hours including Beekeeper and Yardanogo Nature Reserve 5 hours $150 adult/ $120 child includes lunch

Private tours available to Kalbarri National Park, Lesueur National Park and Nambung National Park.

Wildflower Self Drive Day Tours

Route One via Lesueur National Park & Western Flora Caravan Park- 499km

Part One

Travel east on the Brand Highway, turn right to stay on the Brand Highway (signs for Perth/Eneabba). Turn right onto Indian Ocean Drive, turn left onto Coorow Greenhead Road, right onto Cockleshell Gully Road, and it’ll lead straight to the Lesueur National Park. Lesueur National Park covers 26,987 hectares and is home to over 900 different species of flora, including a variety of wildflowers.

Part Two

Once finished, continue on Cockleshell Gully Road to Jurien Road, head north-east towards Brand Highway, then turn left onto it. Travel along the highway for roughly 35 minutes and it’s on the right hand side.

Part Three

Head north on the Brand Highway, continue straight until arriving at the T intersection then turn left towards Dongara, turn left onto Moreton Terrace.

Route Two via Coalseam & Morawa- 269 km

Part One

Travel east on the Brand Highway, continue onto Midlands Rd/ State Route, it’ll roughly take 45 minutes to get to Mingenew. Turn left onto Mullewa-Morawa Rd, turn right onto Mingenew Morawa Rd, finally turn left onto Coalseam Rd. The Coalseam Conservation Park is around 754 hectares and is home to a spectacular wildflower display. Coalseam Conservation Park comes alive in spring with everlastings and a variety of other wildflowers including banksias, hakeas, and grevilleas. The Irwin River runs through the park, cutting through local rock and exposing a spectacular cross section of sedimentary layers, these layers of rock run along the cliff faces next to the Irwin River and show millions of years of history.

Part Two

Head south back down on Coalseam Rd, turn left onto Mingenew Morawa Rd, right onto the Wubin– Mullewa Road, and continue onto it until it turns onto Winfield Street. Morawa is known as the Heart of the Wildflowers, due to the abundant nature in which Everlastings and Wreath flowers occur throughout the Morawa shire.

Part Three

Once ready to return to Dongara, head north on Winfield Street, and continue onto Wubin-Mullewa Road, turn left onto the Mullewa– Morawa Road. Turn right onto Midlands Rd/ State Route and continue onto the Brand Highway, which will take you back to Dongara.

Route Three via Mullewa- 288km

Part One

Travel east on the Brand Highway, continue onto Midlands Rd/ State Route, turn left onto Mullewa—Morawa Road, continue onto the Mingenew Mullewa Road, turn right onto Geraldton-Mt Magnet Rd/State Route 123 and you’ll arrive in Mullewa, it’ll take roughly 2 and a half hours to get from Dongara to Mullewa. This small town of 800 people is vibrant with wildflowers through late winter and spring and rich with cultural heritage also. The Mullewa Tourist Information Centre is located on Jose Street, and the staff there will happily provide the most up to date information on their local wildflowers. The Mullewa Agriculture and Wildflower Show are held over a week usually in late August or early September, depending on the wildflower season.

Part Two

When ready to return, head east on Maitland Rd towards Geraldton-Mt Magnet Rd/State Route 123, along this road, several Wildflower Way interpretive sites are located, showcasing sculptures representing some of the people and creatures that have made this region their home, a detailed map would be located at the Mullewa Tourist Information Centre. Turn left onto Moonyoonooka Narngulu Rd, then turn left onto Geraldton Walkaway Road, take the first right onto Rudd’s Gully Rd and turn left onto the Brand Highway and follow it back to Dongara. It’ll take roughly two hours to return to Dongara from Mullewa.

Route Four via Perenjori- 358km

Part One

Travel east on the Brand Highway, continue onto Midlands Rd/State Route 116, turn left onto Mullewa-Morawa Rd, turn right onto Mingenew Morawa Rd.

Turn right onto Wubin-Mullewa Rd, which continues onto Winfield St and it, becomes Mullewa-Wubin Rd. It’ll take two hours to get to Perenjori via Mingenew/ Morawa, once you have arrived in Perenjori call into their Visitors Centre located on Fowler Street and see the local staff for information on the best locations for the famous and unique wreath flower and the other wildflowers they have on show.

The annual Agricultural show is held on the third Saturday in August at the Perenjori Sports Ground.

Part Two

Head south-east on Mullewa-Wubin Rd towards Oversby Rd, turn right onto Bunjil Carnamah Road and continue onto Bowman Street. Turn right onto Yarra Street/ State Route 116 and straight onto Brand Highway. This route back to Dongara goes through the small country towns of Carnamah and Three Springs, Three Springs have a volunteer run Wildflower Country Visitors Centre which is only operates from May through to October. The visitor centre offers a great variety of local arts, crafts and souvenirs, and the local knowledge on offer from the friendly staff. Also internet access is provided at a small cost.

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