The Coral Coast boasts one of the most pristine and picturesque coastlines in Australia. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect surfing spot, you will certainly be spoilt for choice along the Dongara – Port Denison coast.

Located in Port Denison, ‘The Surf Beach’ – also known as Arurine Bay – is the perfect option for beginner surfers, with its safe beach breaks and gentler waves. The aptly named Surf Beach is a family-friendly surfing spot, with the quaint ‘Starfish Café’ onsite, as well as toilet and shower facilities.

Take a stroll along the sand just opposite the coast of ‘Surf Beach’, and you will find yourself in surfer’s paradise at ‘South Beach’. This beach is one of the best and safest locations to go surfing in the Dongara-Port Denison region as it is patrolled on weekends and during public holidays through the summer.

A must-visit for all beachgoers, ‘Dongara Beach’ is one of the most well-known surfing spots in the area. Located at the end of the town’s main street and, the beach is patrolled by the local Surf Lifesaving Club. Dongara Beach curves along the coastline for 800m and has lower waves than South Beach, but a heavier break and deeper water – perfect for the more advanced of surfers.

If you’re a first-time surfer or a seasoned pro looking to purchase some new surf gear, head to ‘Be Kirvi Surf’ in Dongara to pick up all your essentials. Alternatively, you can pop into ‘Dongara Breeze Inn’ and hire a surfboard at $15 for half a day

Image Credit: Starfish Cafe, ‘South Beach’ by Christine Wheeler


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