Getting to Dongara from Perth makes for a scenic road trip along the coastal Indian Ocean Drive. This main road stretches north from Yanchep to encompass the coastal towns of Cervantes, Jurien Bay, Green Head, Leeman, and finishing up at Port Denison and Dongara. With roughly three and a half hours to get to Dongara, make sure you make the most of your fuel tank and stopover at some of the Coral Coast’s top destinations.


Cervantes marks the start of the Coral Coast region and is known worldwide as the gateway to Pinnacles Desert – a landscape crawling with mystical limestone spires. If you’re keen to delve deeper into the region’s fascinating geological history, take a short drive further north to see Lake Thetis, one of only five living fossil sites in Western Australia.

Jurien Bay

Only a short 20-minute drive north of Cervantes, Jurien Bay is has emerged as a family-favourite for WA travellers. With pristine waters, you can stroll along the beaches of Jurien Bay Marine Park and catch site of an endangered Australian Sea Lion lounging on the shoreline. If you’re equipped with a 4WD, consider visiting the Bay’s Sandy Cape, regarded as a hotspot for four-wheel driving.

Lesueur National Park

When making the journey to Dongara, don’t forget to stop at Lesueur National Park, just outside of the town of Green Head, to take in the region’s vast natural beauty. Located north of Jurien Bay, the preserved site has an abundance of wildflowers, with over 900 wildflower and plant species – making it the perfect stopover for the spring season.


The good news is you’re getting closer to the stunning region of Dongara Port Denison, but if you’re in need of a stopover, Leeman offers convenient caravan and camping options. Should you want to plan a day out, head further inland to the Stockyard Gully National Park – home to a collection of weathered limestone caves leading to a underwater river system.

Perth to Dongara

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Travelling With Dogs

The Shire of Irwin welcome visitors travelling with dogs. There are many exercise areas for dogs, details can be found on this map.

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Eating & Drinking

Dining in Dongara- Port Denison offers it all from fish and chips, vegetarian meals, coffee and cakes, Asian cuisine or fine dining

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