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This website is part of a series of travel destination guides for Western Australia, built and hosted by Scoop Digital.

The Content

The pages of static content, social media, blogs and other non-Guide content is updated either by social media users, the owners of each particular website or us.

All the guide content is sourced from a user-updated database controlled and maintained predominantly by users, but also by various clubs, associations, visitor centres and Scoop Digital staff.

It is totally free for business and the public to contribute new listings, which is why the Scoop Guides are also the largest and most comprehensive online guide for arts, events and travel in Western Australia.

The Guide are updated every day and we make every effort to ensure it is accurate of the highest possible quality, but this is user-driven content, so like Google or any publically available platform, we make no guarantees.

Using the Guides

There are a few tips that make using the guide easier:

1: Every town and suburb in Western Australia can be found on our guides. Each town/suburb has been allocated to an Area (eg Northwest, Southwest), a Region (eg Kimberley, Margaret River, Great Southern, Perth Surrounds), and a Sub-regions (eg Margaret River South, Margaret River North). You can search for information on your destination of interest by using the WHERE field at the top of each guides.

2: There are multiple views from which to choose how you view search results, from a simple list of names to a strong visual format, and the fully integrated map view. Note that while we are constantly reviewing listing locations and doing our best to over-ride strange Google Map positioning, we don’t catch them all, so best to confirm a location before trusting the Google maps.

3: If you find any of the guides are inaccurate or not working as they should, please email [email protected].

Providing us with feedback and images

If you find errors online, have feedback or believe content provided on any of our websites is misleading or inaccurate or incomplete, then let us know. We will do our best to work with local visitor centres, businesses and associations to continue to make our guides and websites as accurate as possible.

If you find a great attraction or have images you would like to share with us, please provide the appropriate words and images (with credit if required) and we will our best to update our guides and our websites.

All correspondence can be sent to [email protected], or you can send it direct to the Visitor Centre associated with this website (see contact details on the home page or top menu).

Online Bookings

Some of the listings on this website link to online booking services and some of our websites also incorporate and fully-integrated booking platform called Book Easy. This platform is the most commonly used booking system used by Visitor Centres in WA and is most reliable.

However, as with all booking systems linked to this website, any bookings are the business of you and the business with which you are making the booking, and we take no responsibility for any losses or outcomes that result from those bookings.

Magazines Online

For 15 years Scoop produced the leading annual travel magazine for Western Australia. The last edition only came off the shelf in early 2017 and most of the content is still relevant. You can read it free online at: http://www.scoop.com.au/Magazines/Scoop-Traveller.

Further information

We don’t have the resources to provide feedback and ideas on travel in WA. I wish we did because this is an amazing state and you could spend a life time exploring here and still have so much more to see. The local Visitor Centres are always the best people to speak to about travel to any particular destination. I have dealt with them for years and in my experience they are very honest and passionate about ensuring all visitors have a great time in their region.