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There are six walks ranging from 2.7km up to 9kms. You can pick up your free map from the Visitors Centre or the Irwin Recreation Centre showing the location of each walk. Walk 1 starts on Point Leander Drive and has the latest in technology Calico (CALories In Calories Out) it’s a unique online, mobile & outdoors fitness system.   Just 5 mins to put in your age, weight, body shape, goals etc and this Australian online invention shows how much energy your body needs to consume and burn to achieve your fitness or weight loss goals. Then just use the free GPS Burn&EarnTM smartphone app or the Calico Fitness Totems installed every 500m on our walking tracks to help visualise your activity goals. With your targets set online.

Calico turns public space into your very own private gym and allows you to track activity on the go. Get real time motivation from friends and take part in programs, on and off the Calico tracks.

Just click on to join up for free. Or check out the Burn&Earn app and get rewarded for achieving your daily activity goals with money saving deals from fantastic local businesses that support the healthy lifestyle of the community.



Please click here to download the Thungara Trails walking map.

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